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From the Editor

From the Editor: Moment of glory

by Max Lapthorne, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

For me, it was a wall-scraping home run during a summer league baseball game in Bolingbrook.

All things considered, that was my greatest athletic accomplishment. It wasn’t my most impressive, or most important, but...

From the Editor: A tragic loss

by Max Lapthorne, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Page 3 of this week’s issue features the type of story we dread reporting — the sudden and unexpected death of a Lockport resident. Amanda Stanton was a beloved 26-year-old teacher and softball coach who had her life cut tragically...

From the Assistant Editor: My new volunteer effort

by Jacquelyn Schlabach, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

In a previous column, I spoke about wanting to get more involved in my community. 

I was looking for ways to continue volunteering after moving to Downers Grove following my college graduation last year. I tried to...