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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Say ‘no’ to new development

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My name is Rosemary Thompson and I am writing to you in regard to the City of Lockport meeting that took place on Wednesday, Oct. 4. I live on the north side of 163rd Street, right across the street from the proposed development.


Letters to the Editor: Recognizing all students

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On June 2, I attended the graduation at Lockport Township High School. The occasion was well organized and moved at a quick pace to keep the audience focused on this important educational event. It was wonderful, as a retired Illinois...

Letters to the editor: Picking up after pets, concerns over proposed development

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I am writing to you again as an upset homeowner. I wrote to you once before about dogs pooping in my yard. I don’t appreciate stepping in it and cleaning up after other people’s dogs. If they walk their dogs and don’t pick up after...