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Singer Cindy Gruel performs popular songs during Under the Mistletoe at Prairie Bluff Golf Course in Lockport Thursday, Dec. 19. Photos by Benjamin Conboy/ 22nd Century Media.
Guests at the Prairie Bluff Public Golf Course in Lockport enjoy a special performance Thursday, Dec. 19, during Under the Mistletoe.
Husband-and-wife duo Matt and Cindy Gruel have been performing together for 12 years, weaving historical stories about the songs they perform into their shows.
Cindy Gruel hands bells to John Nowak to use during the duo’s performance of “Jingle Bells.”
Carol and Ron Vysocky of Oak Lawn listen during the Gruels’ holiday performance.
Benjamin Conboy, Assistant Editor
3:01 am CST December 24, 2019

Everyone knows all the famous Christmas songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” But the stories behind them are sometimes just as delightful as the songs themselves. 

Becky Dryer, a recreation supervisor at Prairie Bluff in Lockport, said their “Under the Mistletoe” event on Thursday, Dec. 19 is a special way to bring friends, family and strangers together to celebrate the holiday spirit.