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Students competing in the National Geographic GeoBee at Homer Jr. High School show their answers to a question Jan. 15. Photos by Benjamin Conboy/22nd Century Media.
(Left to right) Participants Jack Cunningham, Aidan Tucker, Gavin Hall and Antonio Corral during the National Geographic GeoBee at Homer Junior High School Jan. 15.
The ten students (pictured) at the GeoBee were the top scorers out of more than 850 students who participated at their school.
Eighth-grader Jack Cunningham (pictured) won the Homer Jr. High School GeoBee, giving him a chance to advance to the state finals.
Benjamin Conboy, Assistant Editor
3:43 pm CST January 20, 2020

Good growing conditions near Bogotá have helped what country become the world’s second largest exporter of cut flowers?

This is the question that nearly stumped Homer Junior High School’s newly-crowned National Geographic GeoBee champion Jack Cunningham on Jan. 15. 

But Cunningham concentrated. He asked for the question to be repeated. Standing before the top social studies students at his school and their parents, he delivered the correct answer: Colombia.