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Hundreds of people turned out to the American Lawmen’s Lockport clubhouse on Jan. 18 to raise money for one of their brothers who was diagnosed with ALS. Photo by Benjamin Conboy/22nd Century Media
Rick Carlson (pictured) was diagnosed with ALS a year ago. The American Lawmen raised about $20,000 for him and his family at the Lockport motorcycle club’s fundraiser.
Benjamin Conboy, Assistant Editor
4:00 am CST February 21, 2020

There’s a lot Rick Carlson can’t do anymore. 

It started with weakness in his legs. Then his ability to make a fist started to go. Now his ability to raise his arms is going, too. He can no longer get his hands on the handlebars of his beloved Harley-Davidson Fat Boy to enjoy the freedom of the open road he spent so much of his life on.