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Brothers John (left) and Kyle Laflamboy sit on top of their newly acquired “Mad Max Bus” look-a-like they bought from a paintball field that went out of business. The bus is just one of many set pieces to be seen at Lockport’s Legacy Adventure Park, which is expected to open April 14. Photos by Mary Compton/22nd Century Media
Kyle Laflamboy looks over one of the paintball fields at Legacy Adventure Park, which is set to open April 14 in Lockport.
Ben Muller (left) and Robert Schmitt clear out debris from one of the fields at Legacy Adventure Park in Lockport.
Teresa Walker works on painting 21 coffins that will be used in paintball fields at the Legacy Adventure Park.
John Laflamboy checks out the gargoyle in one of the fields at Legacy Adventure Park.
Jacquelyn Schlabach, Assistant Editor
4:28 pm CDT March 12, 2018
When storytellers brainstorm together, anything is possible. Creating new worlds that haven’t been discovered and designing ways for people to experience those worlds is exactly what Zombie Army Productions does, and will be doing, for the new Legacy Adventure Park opening April 14 in Lockport.