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Contests: Winners selected for Halloween costume, pumpkin-carving competitions

by Bill Jones, Managing Editor News, Contests

The dust has settled on yet another Halloween, and with it another round of costume and pumpkin-carving contests here at 22nd Century Media.

Winners were chosen based on creativity, successful execution of an idea,...

Contests: Don’t forget to share your Halloween creations with the Lockport Legend

by Bill Jones, Managing Editor News, Contests

Halloween is finally here!

And if you’re not traumatized by having to dig through your pantry to find extra treats for the horde of spooky children who cleaned you out this year, or aren’t still cleaning toilet paper...

Contests: Spookiest thing in regard to Halloween contests is how little time is left to enter

by Bill Jones, Managing Editor News, Contests

As people who work on deadlines at 22nd Century Media, we understand procrastination as well as anyone. But even we get a little anxious as we look at the calendar each year and see what precious little time is left for our Halloween...