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LTHS seniors Brett Machart (left) and Jeremy Xheka work in the welding shop Friday, Sept. 21, during a tour of the school’s Career and Technical Education programs.
Lockport Township High School seniors Carlos Ruiz (left) and Joshua Thurman show their skills in the auto shop during the Association for Career and Technical Education tour Friday, Sept. 21, at LTHS’s East Campus. Photos by Bob Klein/22nd Century Media
Analisa Trofimuk, Freelance Reporter
10:51 am CDT September 25, 2018

Walking down the halls of Lockport Township High School’s East Campus is similar to walking through a small village.

Each classroom has its own niche in the school’s community and play even larger roles in the school’s Career and Technical Education programs. One room operates as a mock restaurant, where culinary students serve visitors dishes based on skills learned in the kitchen classroom attached to the restaurant.