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From the Editor

From the Assistant Editor: Musical admiration

by Alex Ivanisevic, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I am not the least bit musically gifted. I do not say that in a self-doubting way; it is merely fact. 

I never gave learning an instrument a try and my short-lived singing career ended after fifth grade chorus.


From the Editor: Keeping our hearts in our minds

by Max Lapthorne, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

We take our hearts for granted.

It seems bizarre that we could take for granted a pump in our chest that is constantly working to keep us alive, but I know I do, and I would guess many of our readers do as well.


From the Editor: On Facebook, ‘Friends’ and President Rock

by Max Lapthorne, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

In February of 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook.

That same year, Britney Spears got married twice in a nine-month span, the final episode of “Friends” aired, George W. Bush was re-elected as President of the...