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Letters to the Editor: Taking a stand against Homer Township Fire District tax increase

by Submitted content Opinion, Letters to the Editor

Every year, it seems there is some government entity out there, whether it be the fire districts, school boards, the County or any other government agency, asking for more money from us taxpayers. Keep in mind that some people are...

From the Assistant Editor: Musical admiration

by Alex Ivanisevic, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I am not the least bit musically gifted. I do not say that in a self-doubting way; it is merely fact. 

I never gave learning an instrument a try and my short-lived singing career ended after fifth grade chorus.


From the Editor: Keeping our hearts in our minds

by Max Lapthorne, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

We take our hearts for granted.

It seems bizarre that we could take for granted a pump in our chest that is constantly working to keep us alive, but I know I do, and I would guess many of our readers do as well.