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From the Editor: Passionate, not competitive

by Alex Ivanisevic, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I’ve never been an extremely competitive person. Even in high school when competing in tennis and badminton events I was only into it mostly for the connection to the team and, if I’m being honest, to get out of having gym class on my...

From the Editor: A celebration close to my heart

by Alex Ivanisevic, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I am an October baby. Each year when I was a kid and my birthday would come around, I knew exactly what to expect: A Halloween-themed costume party for my birthday party. 

Sure, some little girls want a princess tea...

From the Publisher: Local news matters. You keep it alive.

by Joe Coughlin, Publisher Opinion, From the Editor

If you have not yet, please make sure you check out the story on the cover of this issue before you read this column, which may not make a whole lot of sense otherwise.

We hope you find the idea of supporting your...