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Lockport Township High School Director of Choirs Chad Goetz leads local eighth-graders in an icebreaker Jan. 16 at the choir Step-Up Day held at LTHS’s East Campus auditorium. Photos by Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media
Oak Prairie Junior High eighth-grader Mallory Bianchi shares a fun fact about herself with fellow singers at the Step-Up Days event held Jan. 16 at LTHS’s East Campus auditorium.
Eighth-graders Michael Erickson (left), from Kelvin Grove, and Dylan Bozen, from Oak Prairie, warm up during the choir’s Step-Up Day.
A combination of eighth-graders from Kelvin Grove, Richland and Oak Prairie schools sing together.
Laurie Fanelli, Freelance Reporter
1:25 pm CST January 24, 2019
Music is a powerful form of expression. Not only does it allow artists to share thoughts, emotions and melodies, it also has the power to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.