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Gavin Van Horn shares the sense of wonder he found in seeing a coyote while waiting for the train Thursday, March 28, during a presentation about his book at The Gaylord Building. Photos by Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media
Main Street Lockport members (left to right) Kathy Gentile, Tina Keller and Joe Gentile converse during the event.
Laurie Fanelli, Freelance Reporter
4:13 am CDT April 2, 2019

As cities develop, businesses grow, new homes are built and animal populations adjust to the ever-changing realities of their habitats.

Naturalist Gavin Van Horn, author of “The Way of Coyote: Shared Journeys in the Urban Wilds,” is of the opinion that urban dwellers and wildlife alike can share spaces and even fates. On the evening of Thursday, March 28, The Gaylord Building hosted Van Horn for a dinner presentation focusing on how animals can inspire humans to rethink cities and communities across North America.