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Shamanic Craniosacral Therapist Amanda Clark Reed (top left) engages in oracle card readings with Sandi Moleski (top right) Joslynn Johnson (bottom right) and Alyse Basic-Amato (bottom left). Photos by Derek Swanson/22nd Century Media
Reed cleanses Sandi Moleski with a number of smudges including sage and palo santo to provide spiritual relief.
Derek Swanson, Editorial Intern
5:00 am CDT October 15, 2019

Amanda Clark Reed, a Shaman Craniosacral Therapist and Lockport resident, hosted a pop-up shop on Oct. 8 through her White Light Project, which works to cleanse and bring therapeutic relief to clients. The shop was located at 1000 S. State Street in Lockport, and was complete with handmade smudges, crystals and handmade terrariums to offer guests a source of relief.