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Arthur Saunders graduated from LTHS in 1976 and retired from working there Sept. 25. photo Submitted
Randy Whalen, Freelance Reporter
5:00 am CDT October 9, 2019

Arthur Saunders is Lockport through and through. 

A lifelong resident, Saunders has left his mark at Lockport Township High School as a custodian for the past quarter of a century. During that time his infectious smile, laughter and downright great attitude helped brighten the school. 


Great story on Arthur. I first met him when I started playing for Savings and Loan and he was the star pitcher in little league for Economy. No one wanted to step into the batters box when he was on the mound. Congratulations on your retirement Arthur. Enjoy your days not having to get up and go to work. Many blessings to you!

Great article Randy. Awesome to read about Arthur and his family history with the school

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